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Ora Pearl Mc Gill Wildermuth, Mary

Mary Wildermuth is the past Director of the Muscatine History and Industry Center. Always an educator, she spent the majority of her professional career within the Muscatine Community School District in various capacities as high school librarian to Special Projects Administrator.  While at the Muscatine History and Industry Center, Wildermuth became familiar with the individuals and families who led the town and have created the charismatic entrepreneurial town that Muscatine is.  One of the stellar charismatic individuals is Pearl Mc Gill a young labor right’s activist who because of her education was able to represent individual workers in their efforts to create improved work place conditions in the growing pearl button industry.  During her day in the mid 19teen hundreds Muscatine was becoming the Pearl Button Capital of the World.

Wildermuth during the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Women’s right to vote in 2020 along with several other Muscatine women collaborated to research and write a series of articles about influential and inspirational women. The Pearl McGill article was part of that collaboration.