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Annie Savery Morain, Tom
Grenville Dodge
John and Sarah Kenyon: Iowa frontier Life Bremer, Jeff
“American Gothic,” Iowa’s most famous work of art Morain, Tom
"Camp Dodge," Iowa History Journal Vogt, Michael W 2017
"Documenting Iowa Prehistory: 1928-1964." The Wisconsin Archeologist 60:3-25 McKusick, Marshall B 1980
"Ideology from the Earth: Effigy Mounds in the Midwest." Archaeology 35(4):60-64 Mallam, R. Clark 1982
"Project 1047: New Deal Archaeology in Iowa." In Shovel Ready: Archaeology and Roosevelt's New Deal for America Doershuk, John F.
Cordell, John L.
"Still Running: A Tribute to Maria Pearson, Yankton Sioux." Gradwohl, David Mayer
Thompson, Joe B.
Perry, Michael J.
101 Stories of Cedar Falls Hake, Herb 1977
12 Moons A Year with the Sauk and Meskwaki 1817-1818 Willcockson, Tom
Carvey, Elizabeth
1933 Shootout in Dexfield Park with the Barrow Gang - Bonnie & Clyde Kidney, Joy Neal
1948 Speech by President Harry S. Truman Kidney, Joy Neal
19th Century Cedar Falls Hotels: Mischief, Murder, & Immorality Sweet, Cynthia Huffman 2011
75 Years of Services: Cooperative Extension in Iowa Schwieder, Dorothy 1993
A Book of Iowa Authors Brigham, Johnson 1930
A Brief Early History of Ida County: In Honor of Iowa's Sesquicentennial Auen, Norma E. 1999
A Centennial History of Mount Ayr, Iowa 1875-1975 1997
A Centennial History of Mount Vernon, Iowa (1847-1947) 1948
A Country So Full of Game: The Story of Wildlife in Iowa Dinsmore, James J. 1994
A Glimpse of Iowa in 1846: or the Emigrant's Guide and State Directory with a Description of the New Purchase Newhall, J. B. 1846
A Guide to the Archaeology Parks of the Upper Midwest Morse-Kahn, Deborah 2003
A History of Crawford County, Iowa Chapman, Carole 1987
A History of Dickinson County, Iowa, together with an Account of the Spirit Lake massacre, and the Indian troubles on the northwestern Frontier Smith, Roderick A 1902
A History of Hospers, Iowa Nieuwenhuis, G. Nelson 1991
A History of Iowa Fargo, O. J. 1983
A History of Iowa Sage, Leland L 1974
A History of Iowa Baptist Schools 1907
A History of Iowa Baptist Schools Abernethy, Alonzo 1907
A History of Iowa School of the Deaf Giangreco, Marianne Ranson 1981
A History of Lone Rock Presbyterian Church Miller, Gene E 2009
A History of the Cotton Theatre in Cedar Falls, Iowa from 1910-1918 Silka, Wayne Earl 1973
A History of the Danes in Iowa Christensen, Thomas Peter 1979
A History of the Extension Services of Iowa State College Morgan, Barton 1934
A History of the Iowa Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1900-1941
A History of the People of Iowa Cole, Cyrenus 1921
A History of the Pioneer Era on the Iowa Prairies McFarland, Julian E 1969
A History of the Sixth Iowa Infantry Wright, Henry H 1923
A History of Wrestling in Iowa: From Gotch to Gable Chapman, Mike 1981
A Library in the Making: Pioneer History of the Territorial and State Library of Iowa. Brigham, Johnson 1913
A Literary History of Iowa Andrews, Clarence A. 1972
A New Look at Iowa One-Room Schools: Iowa's Lost Treasure - a System of 12,623 Rural Schools 1856-1966 Host, Sandra Kessler 2015
A Peculiar People: Iowa's Old Order Amish Schweider, Elmer
Schwieder, Dorothy
A Pictorial History of the University of Iowa Gerber, John C.
Brown, Carolyn B.
Kaufmann, James
Lindberg Jr., James B.
A Record of the Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of the College 1904
A Record of the Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of the College. Cornell College 1904
A River of Unrivaled Advantages: Life Along the Lower Des Moines River Haury, Chérie E. 2016
A River of Unrivaled Advantages: Life along the Lower Des Moines River Haury, Chérie E. 2014
A Sesquicentennial History of Iowa State University: Tradition and Transformation Schwieder, Dorothy
van Houten, Gretchen
A Sesquicentennial History Wesleyan College (1842-1992) Haselmayer, Louis August 1992
A System Like No Other: Orphan Trains Wilson, Dennis S.
A Topical History of Cedar County, Iowa Aurner, Clarence Ray 1910
A Transplanted Chicago: Race, Place, and the Press in Iowa City Gutsche, Robert 2014
A Treasury of Iowa Tales Stock, Janice Beck
Garrison, Webb B.
A Watershed Year: Anatomy of the Iowa Floods of 2008 Mutel, Cornelia Fleischer 2010
African Americans of Des Moines and Polk County Parker, Honesty 2011
Agricultural Origins and Development in the Midcontinent, Report 19 Green, William 1994
Alexander Clark: Bigger-Than-Life
Allison Centennial, 1881-1981 (Iowa) Harms, Alice
Peterson, Martha
Amana Colonies Bremer, Jeff
Amazing Iowa Stock, Janice Beck 2003
Amelia Bloomer Morain, Tom
American Legion in Iowa Swisher, Jacob A 1929
An Autobiography: Black Hawk Jackson, Donald 1955
An Illustrated History of the State of Iowa, Being a Complete Civil, Political, and Military History of the State, from its First Exploration down to 1875 Tuttle, Charles R.
Durrie, Daniel S.
An invisible killer stalks a small Iowa town: Civil War edition Connon, David
Anti-German Sentiment in WW I Morain, Tom
Archaeology on the Road Collins, Angela R. 2015
Archaeology on the Road....Again: July 18-25, 2009 Collins, Angela R.
Hall, John M.
Archaeology on the Road: July 19-26, 2014 Collins, Angela R. 2014
Archaeology on the Road: July 20-27, 2013 Collins, Angela R. 2013
Archaeology on the Road: July 21-28, 2012 Collins, Angela R.
Hall, John M.
Alex, Lynn M.
Archaeology on the Road: July 23-30, 2011 Iowa Archeological Society 2011
Archaeology on the Road: July 24-31, 2010 Collins, Angela R.
Hall, John M.
Archaeology on the Road: June 20-26, 2008 Collins, Angela R.
Hall, John M.
Nagel, Cindy L.
Bandits in Iowa (John Dillinger/ Bonnie and Clyde)
Barns Around Iowa: A Sampling of Iowa's Round Barns Schense, Deb 2008
Battle of Shiloh (1862) Bremer, Jeff
Bettendorf History Voelliger, Arthur J 1973
Between the Rivers: A History of Iowa United Methodism Nye, John A 1986
Biographical Review of Henry County, Iowa: containing biographical and genealogical sketches of many of the Prominent Citizens of to-day and also of the Past. 1906
Biographies and portraits of the progressive men of Iowa, leaders in business, politics and the professions; together with an original and authentic history of the state. Gue, Benjamin F. 1899
Birth in a Chicken House Lucas, James 1999
Bison Hunters of the Western Prairies: Archaeological Investigations at the Dixon Site (13WD8), Woodbury County, Iowa Fishel, Richard L., ed. 1999
Black Diamonds: Life and work in Iowa's Coal Mining Communities 1895-1925 Schwieder, Dorothy 1983
Black Hawk: The Battle for the Heart of America Trask, Kerry A 2006
Black Life on the Mississippi: Slaves, Free Blacks, and the Western Steamboat World Buchanan, Thomas C. 2004
Blood Run National Historic Landmark Tour Guide Henning, Dale R.
Sass, Kimberly
Blood Run: The "Silent City" Henning, Dale R.
Schnepf, Gerald F.
Book Illustrated by Grant Wood
Border Defense in Iowa During the Civil War Clark, Dan Elbert 1918
Brief History of the State Historical Society of Iowa 1857-1907 Shambaugh, Benjamin Franklin 1907
Bright Radical Star: Black Freedom and White Supremacy on the Hawkeye Frontier. Dykstra, Robert 1993
Buggies, Blizzards, and Babies Hawkins, Cora Frear 1971
Busy in the Cause: Iowa, the Free-State Struggle in the West, and the Prelude to the Civil War Soike, Lowell 2014
Buxton Bremer, Jeff
Buxton Mining Town
Buxton: A Black Utopia in the Heartland Schwieder, Dorothy
Hraba, Joseph
Schweider, Elmer
Buxton: Work and Racial Equality in a Coal Mining Community Schwieder, Dorothy
Hraba, Joseph
Schweider, Elmer
Camp Dodge Grover, Timothy 1987
Carrie Chapman Catt Morain, Tom
Carrier on the Prairie: The Story of the U.S. Naval Air Station, Ottumwa, Iowa, 1942-1947 Cofer, E. M. 1996
Cedar Heights: A History of a Community and a Church Gager, Jack 1990
Cedar Rapids in the Roaring Twenties Bremer, Jeff
Centennial History of Polk County, Iowa Dixon, J. M. 1876
Centerville: A Mid-American Saga McMurry, Enfys 2012
Charles Reuben Keyes and the History of Iowa Archaeology Green, William 1992
Christmas in Iowa Andrews, Clarence A. 1979
Civil War Iowa and the Copperhead Movement Wubben, Hubert H 1980
Col. Emil Tyden Pitzenberger, Judy
Commission Government in Iowa Shambaugh, Benjamin Franklin 1912
Confederates From Iowa Connon, David
Conger Reynolds Kidney, Joy Neal
Constructing a Legacy: The Weitz Company and the Family who Built It Friedricks, William B. 2015
Country School: A Study of its Foundations, Relations, Developments, Activities, and Possibilities Seerley, Homer Horatio 1913
Covering Iowa: the History of the Des Moines Register and Tribune Company. Friedricks, William B. 2000
Crawford County Iowa, 1926-1960: A Social and Economic History Schneller, Anna Marie 1988
Crossroads on the Cedar: A Story of Two Cities Baldwin, Clarence W. 1967
Cyrus Clay Carpenter and Iowa Politics, 1854-1898 Throne, Mildred 1974
Danish Cedar Falls: the Immigrants Experience Eilderts, Carrie L. 2015
Dedication of Monuments Erected by the State of Iowa Abernethy, Alonzo 1908
Democracy's College - A History of the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts Ross, Earle Dudley 1942
Des Moines, The Pioneer of Municipal Progress and Reform of the Middle West, Together with the History of Polk County, Iowa, the Largest, Most Populous and Most Prosperous County in the State of Iowa Brigham, Johnson 1911
Development of the Railroad in Iowa
Dexfield Park Kidney, Joy Neal
Dexter Community Building/AKA Roundhouse Kidney, Joy Neal
Dexter Public Library Kidney, Joy Neal
Diary of Benjamin F. Gue in rural New York and pioneer Iowa, 1847-1856 Ross, Earle Dudley 1962
Discovering Archaeology: An Activity Guide for Educators Schermer, Shirley J 1992
Drawing by Grant Wood
Dubuque's Forgotten Cemetery: Excavating a Nineteenth-Century Burial Ground in a Twenty-First-Century City Lillie, Robin M.
Mack, Jennifer E.
Duffy's Iowa Caucus Cartoons: watch 'em run. Duffy, Brian 2016
Early Algona, the Story of Pioneers Cowles, Florence Call 1929
Early Settlement and Growth of Western Iowa, or Reminiscences Todd, John 1906
Economics History of the Production of Beef Cattle in Iowa Hopkins, Jr. John A. 1928
Edwin and Barclay Coppock
Edwin Hurd Conger and Sarah Pike Conger Kidney, Joy Neal
Effigy Mounds
Eleanor Chafin Stockman: A Champion for Women's Suffrage Hardinger, Joanne
Emancipation Diaspora: Race and Reconstruction in the Upper Midwest Schwalm, Leslie Ann 2009
Enlistments from Iowa During the Civil War Briggs, John Ely 1917
Episodes in the Early History of the Western Iowa Country Van der Zee, Jacob 1913
Esther's Town Lee, Deemer 1980
Exploring Buried Buxton: Archaeology of an Abandoned Coal Mining Town with A Large Black Population. Gradwohl, David Mayer
Osborn, Nancy M.
Exploring Iowa's Past: A Guide to Prehistoric Archaeology Alex, Lynn M. 1980
Far From the Trees Wellman, Michael 2009
Flowing through Time: A History of the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research Mutel, Cornelia Fleischer 1998
Fly in the Buttermilk: The Life Story of Cecil Reed Reed, Cecil A 1993
For all the Small Schools: A photographic pursuit of Iowa's forgotten schools Else, Barb
Else, Dave
For Labor, Race, and Liberty: George Edwin Taylor, His Historic Run for the White House, and the Making of Independent Black Politics Mouser, Bruce L 2011
Fossils of Iowa: Field Guide to Paleozoic Deposits Wolf, Robert Charles 1983
From Ackley to Zwingle: The Origins of Iowa Place Names Dilts, Harold E. 1993
From Blue Mills to Columbia: Cedar Falls and the Civil War Lyftogt, Kenneth L 1993
From Iowa to the Philippines Markey, Joseph I 1900
From Kiel to Kossuth Miller, Gene E 2006
From Prosperity to Depression Part 2: 1898-1939 World War 1 Morain, Tom
From Prosperity to Depression Part I: 1898-1914 Morain, Tom
From Prosperity to the Depression Part 3: 1919-1939 The 1920s Morain, Tom
From Six-on-Six to Full Court Press: A Century of Iowa Girls' Basketball Beran, Janice A. 2007
Frontier Forts of Iowa: Indians, Traders, and Soldiers, 1682-1862 Whittaker, William E 2009
Frontierswomen: The Iowa Perspective Riley, Glenda 1981
Games from Long Ago Kalman, Bobbie 2018
Gentlemen on the Prairie Harnack, Curtis 1985
Geography of Iowa Seerley, Homer Horatio 1921
Good Roads and Community Life in Iowa Dodds, John S.
Brindley, John Edwin
Governor: An Oral Biography of Robert D. Ray Bowermaster, Jon 1987
Governors of Iowa Kramme, Michael 2006
Governors of Iowa Swisher, Jacob A 1946
Great State Fair: The Blue Ribbon Foundation and the Revival of the Iowa State Fair. Friedricks, William B. 2017
Greatest Moment in Iowa Hawkeyes Football History Dukes, Mark
Schrader, Gus
Fitzgerald, Francis J.
Grotto Father Artist-Priest of the West Bend Grotto Hutchinson, Duane 1989
Growing Up in Iowa: Reminiscences of 14 Iowa Authors Andrews, Clarence A. 1978
Growing Up on a Farm Graf, William 1970
Growing Up with the Town: Family & Community on the Great Plains Schwieder, Dorothy 2002
Hastie's History of Dallas County, Iowa Hastie, Eugene N. 1938
Hawkeye Tales Moeller, Hubert L 1953
Herbert Hoover's Boyhood Swisher, Jacob A 1929
Herbert Hoover's Boyhood in Iowa Cole, Cyrenus 1928
High Points of Iowa History Hastie, Eugene N. 1966
Historical Record of Cedar Falls, the garden city of Iowa: Containing a brief history of Iowa, of Black Hawk County, and a full and complete description of industrial and picturesque Cedar Falls Melendy, Peter 1893
Historical Sketches Baldwin, Clarence W. 1982
History and Civil Government of Iowa Seerley, Homer Horatio 1897
History and Legends of Place Names in Iowa: the Meaning of our Map Hills, Leon Corning 1937
History of Adair County, Iowa and its People Kilburn, Lucian Moody 1915
History of Alden, Iowa Football 1928-2002 Harms, David
Janes, Jeff
History of Banking in Iowa Preston, Howard Hall 1980
History of Buchanan County, Iowa, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches Riddle, A. G. 1881
History of Butler County, Iowa; A Record of Settlement, Organization, Process and Achievement. Hart, Irving H. 1914
History of Cherokee County, Iowa McCulla, Thomas 1914
History of Clay County, Iowa: From its Earliest Settlement to 1909 Steele, James E.
Gillespie, Samuel
History of Crawford County, Iowa: a record of settlement, organization, progress, and achievement Meyers, F. W. 1911
History of Delaware County, Iowa and its People Merry, John F 1914
History of Des Moines County, Iowa and Its People Antrobus, Augustine M. 1915
History of Economic Legislation in Iowa Pollock, Ivan Lester 1918
History of Education in Iowa. Aurner, Clarence Ray 1914
History of Fort Dodge and Webster County, Iowa Pratt, Harlow M 1913
History of Franklin and Cerro Gordo counties, Iowa ... and biographies of representative citizens. History of Iowa, embracing accounts of the pre-historic races. 1883
History of Franklin County, Iowa; A Record of Settlement, Organization, Process and Achievement Stuart, I. L. 1914
History of Fremont County, Iowa Lingenfelter, L 1876
History of Hamilton County, Iowa Lee, J. W. 2000
History of Hardin county, Iowa 1883
History of Iowa County, Iowa and Its People Dinwiddie, James C. 1915
History of Iowa Falls, 1900-1950 Nichols, Ira Alfred 1956
History of Iowa from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century Gue, Benjamin F. 1903
History of Iowa men's and women's fast-pitch softball, 1924-1991 Kawarsky, Irv 1991
History of Jones County, Iowa: Past and Present Corbit, Robert McClain 1910
History of Kossuth County, Iowa 1912-1976 1976
History of Kossuth County, Iowa: a record of all important events in any manner relating to its existence, organization, progress and achievement from the earliest times to the mid-summer of 1912 Reed, Benjamin F 1913
History of Kossuth, Hancock, and Winnebago Counties, Iowa 1884
History of Labor Legislation in Iowa Downey, Ezekiel Henry 1910
History of Linn County Iowa: from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Brewer, Luther Albertus
Wick, Barthinius Larson
History of Louisa County, Iowa: From its Earliest Settlement to 1912 Springer, Arthur 1911
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History of Marshall County, Iowa Sanford, Nettie 1867
History of Medicine in Iowa Fairchild, David Sturges 1927
History of Mills County, Iowa 1881
History of Mitchell and Worth counties, Iowa ... and biographies of representative citizens. History of Iowa, embracing accounts of the pre-historic races, and a brief review of its civil and military history 1884
History of Mitchell County, Iowa Montag, Leona 1989
History of Muscatine County, Iowa, from the Earliest Settlements to the Present time Richman, Irving Berdine 1911
History of Newton, Iowa Hurto, Larry Ray 1992
History of O'Brien County, Iowa, from its Organization to the Present Time Perkins, D. A. W. 1897
History of Poweshiek County, Iowa Parker, Leonard F 1911
History of Road Legislation in Iowa. Brindley, John Edwin 1912
History of Senatorial Elections in Iowa: A Study in American Politics Clark, Dan Elbert 1912
History of Story County, Iowa; A Record of Settlement, Organization, Process and Achievement Payne, William O 1911
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History of Tama County, Iowa. Its cities, towns and villages, with early reminiscences, personal incidents and anecdotes and a complete business directory of the county Chapman, Samuel D. 1879
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History of Warren County, Iowa Schultz, Gerald
Berry, Don L.
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Chapman, Carl H.
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Investigating a Midwestern Wickiup: Instructions for the Teacher Alex, Lynn M.
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Collins, Angela R.
Buffalo, Johnathan L.
Behm, Jeffery A.
Bennett, Mary
Moe, Jeanne M.
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Hart, Joyce
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Manning, Truman W.
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Morain, Tom
Nielsen, Lynn
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Beck, Alan
Beck, Ken
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Bumpers, Floyd
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Iowans at the Battle of Shiloh
Ioway Native Americans
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James Grimes
James Harlan Brigham, Johnson 1913
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Kitturah Belknap Bremer, Jeff
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Loess Hills
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Meskwaki Native Americans
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Mississippi River
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Norman Ernest Borlaug
Object: Sheet Music
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Ralph Montgomery Bremer, Jeff
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Remembering Southeast Iowa's Peavine (1871-1981) Johns, Michael R 2009
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Roaring Bull: The 34th Infantry Division in the Global War on Terror Leehan, Brian 2017
Robert T. Smith - Respect for the fallen, duty for the survivors Thompson, Jerome L.
Sadie Rae Scott’s Excellent Adventure Thompson, Jerome L.
Sam Hall, 47 Years A Slave: A Brief Story of His Life Before and After Freedom Came to Him Bremer, Jeff
Samuel Jordan Kirkwood Clark, Dan Elbert 1917
Samuel Kirkwood Bremer, Jeff
Sarah Ann "Annie" Turner Wittenmyer
Saving Blood Run: The Site of a Historic Oneota Culture Lyon County Historical Society
Saving the Glaciers Creation: Five Island Lake Restoration Projects Coffey, James L. 2003
Since I Started for the War: The Letters & Diary of Solomon B. Humbert, Co. B, 31st Iowa Volunteer Infantry Sweet, Cynthia Huffman
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Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev Visits Iowa Farm Morain, Tom
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Spirit Lake Massacre Morain, Tom
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Sullivan Brothers
Susan Clark Clark, Jean
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Teaching Iowa History online collections database.
Tell a Tale of Iowa: 50 1 Stories of Iowa's Past Brown, Don Doyle 1965
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