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Biographical Review of Henry County, Iowa: containing biographical and genealogical sketches of many of the Prominent Citizens of to-day and also of the Past.

This book contains biographical and genealogical information about many Henry County citizens from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Resource can be used with the following standards to further develop lessons: 3rd grade SS 3.27 Immigration and Migration, 4th grade SS 4.25 Technological Changes, 4th grade SS 4.26 Changes to Agriculture, 8th grade SS 8.25 Iowa Government and SS-Econ. 9-12.24 Iowa Impact Upon Economy.
Hobart Pub. Co.
Publishing Place
Chicago, Illinois
U.S. Chronology
Iowa History Eras
Relational Notes
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Iowa County
Early & Late Date
1905 to 1910