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Busy in the Cause: Iowa, the Free-State Struggle in the West, and the Prelude to the Civil War

This book explains how Iowa helped in eliminating the opportunity for slavery in the western territories of America. This book also explains some of the preludes to the Civil War. (nebraskapress.unl.edu) For additional resources on this book, please click the link below: https://www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/university-of-nebraska-press/9780803271890/ For any use other than instructional resources, please check with the organization that owns this item regarding copyright restrictions.
University of Nebraska Press
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Lincoln, Nebraska
Iowa History Eras
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2009 to 2019
Resources & Additional Info
Resource and Additional Information Available Here This book can be linked with the following standards: Standard SS.8.25 Iowa Government: A lesson on how the Government dealt with the Underground Railroad and the conflicts in the western territories could be created. Standard SS-Gov.9-12.27 Unique Iowa Systems: A lesson on the Underground Railroad in Iowa could be created. Standard SS-Gov.9-12.28 Iowa Issues and Policy: A lesson on how Iowans and the Iowan Government dealt with the conflicts and issues in the west territories of America could be created. Also, a lesson on how Iowans viewed the start of the Civil War could be created. Standard SS-US.9-12.2 Iowans Influence US History: A lesson on how Iowans influenced western conflicts in the 1850s could be created. Also, a lesson on Iowans in the Civil War could be created.