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The Central Plains Tradition: Internal Development and External Relationships

This volume contains eight papers that were originally presented at the 34th Plains Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in October, 1976. It also includes a commentary written by Waldo R. Wedel and Dale R. Henning and an appreciation of George Metcalf, to whom the volume is dedicated. The thirteen specialists all have made significant contributions to our understanding of the Central Plains tradition. Contributors include Waldo R. Wedel, Jack L. Hofman, Christopher Lintz, Tom Witty, Particia J. O'Brien, Kerry Lippincott, John Ludwickson, John Hotopp, Donald J. Blakeslee, Richard L. Jantz, Douglas W. Owsley, Patrick S. Willey, and Dale R. Henning.
Office of the State Archaeologist, University of Iowa
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Iowa City, Iowa
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1975 to 1980