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The Emerald Horizon: the History of Nature in Iowa

This book is about Iowa and its natural history. The author explains the geology, ecology, and archeology of Iowa. She talks about Iowa's natural history while mixing it with Iowa's general history. She also explains Iowa's native plant and animal life (uipress.uiowa.edu). For any use other than instructional resources, please check with the organization that owns this item regarding copyright restrictions.
University of Iowa Press
Publishing Place
Iowa City, IA
Iowa History Eras
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Early & Late Date
2003 to 2013
Resources & Additional Info
This book can connect with the following standards: Standard SS.K.14 Iowa Environment: A lesson could be created on an overview of Iowa's envrionment. Standard SS.2.24 Natural Resources: A lesson on the overview of Iowa's natural history and its natural resources could be created. Standard SS-Geo.9-12.24 Iowans Influence Iowa Environment: A lesson on how Iowa is trying to help their evironment could be created. Resource and Additional Information: Click Here