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History of the Constitutions of Iowa

This book contains the history of Iowa's constitution's and the struggles it took to ratify Iowa as a state. The Table of Contents includes topics such as: different territories, various constitutions, Iowa's statehood, and conventions after statehood. For any use other than instructional resources, please check with the organization that owns this item regarding copyright restrictions.
Historical Dept. of Iowa
Publishing Place
Des Moines, Iowa
U.S. Chronology
Iowa History Eras
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Resource is related to the following objects, which can be found by searching the catalog number in the advanced search section: Catalog #: 2018.031.001 Surveyor's Compass 2018.045.077 Book 2018.045.355 Book
Early & Late Date
1897 to 1907
Resources & Additional Info
Resource and Text Available Here This book can be linked to the following standard: Standard SS.8.25 Iowa Government: A lesson could be created on the struggle for statehood. Another lesson could be made on the constitutions, both passed and rejected, leading up to Iowa's statehood.