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A History of Dickinson County, Iowa, together with an Account of the Spirit Lake massacre, and the Indian troubles on the northwestern Frontier

This book covers the history of Dickinson County wrapped in with the Indian troubles and the personal account of the Spirit Lake massacre. For any use other than instructional resources, please check with the organization that owns this item regarding copyright restrictions.
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Des Moines, Iowa
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Iowa County
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1897 to 1907
Resources & Additional Info
This book can be linked with the following standards: Standard SS.3.27 Immigration and Migration: A lesson on the forced westward migration on Native Americans could be created. Also, a lesson could be created on how the forced migration created hostilities and massacres. Standard SS.8.25 Iowa Government: A lesson could be created on how the Iowa Government treated the Spirit Lake Massacre and other conflicts with Native Americans. Standard SS-US.9-12.2 Iowans Influence US History: A lesson on how the Spirit Lake Massacre influenced a negative relationship between Native Americans and the United States could be created.