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History of Kossuth, Hancock, and Winnebago Counties, Iowa

This book contains sketches of cities, villages, and townships in Kossuth, Hancock, and Winnebago Counties. It also has the educational, civil, military, and political history, portraits of prominent persons, and biographies of representative citizens. Resource can be used with the following standards to further develop lessons: 3rd grade SS 3.27 Immigration and Migration 3rd grade SS 3.28 Cultural Contributions 4th grade SS 4.26 Changes to Agriculture 4th grade SS 4.25 Technological Change 8th grade SS 8.25 Iowa Government 9-12 SS-Econ. 9-12.24 Iowa Impact Upon Economy
Union Publishing Co.
Publishing Place
Springfield, Illinois
U.S. Chronology
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Relational Notes
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Iowa County
Early & Late Date
1879 to 1889