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I Remember, I Remember: a Book of Recollections

From the Editor: I Remember, I Remember is history drawn from the personal experiences of the author- first as an Iowa farm boy, then as an Iowa newspaper reporter, later as an Iowa newspaper editor and publisher, and finally as a United States Congressman from Iowa. While autobiographical in its general treatment, this book differs from the usual autobiography in that the major emphasis is everywhere placed upon men and women whom the author has known rather than upon the author himself. As might be expected from the pen of a newspaper editor who was much interested in public affairs, the overtones of the book are political. Iowa history? Yes: but the ninety-one chapters into which the text is arranged are not designed as a historical review of the period covered by the life of the author: they present rather a series of personal experiences and pen pictures of men and events sketched on the background of the history of a Commonwealth. Obviously the text is not documented, since the recollections of the author himself constitute the chief source of the materials used. Resource can be used with the following standards to further develop lessons: 3rd grade SS 3.28 Cultural Contributions and 8th grade SS 8.25 Iowa Government.
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Iowa City, Iowa
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1935 to 1940