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It Happened in Iowa: Remarkable Events that Shaped History

This book explains the events that molded Iowa's history. This book contains stories about influential and important people, as well as important events throughout Iowa's history (rowman.com). The table of contents show that this book includes topics such as mining, the Underground Railroad, the circus industry, famous Iowa landmarks, the butter cow, and much more (books.google.com).
Publishing Place
Guilford, Connecticut
Iowa History Eras
This book relates to the following standards: Standard SS.3.28 Cultural Contributions: A lesson could be created on various cultural events in Iowa, such as Ragbrai and the Iowa State Fair. Standard SS-Gov.9-12.27 Unique Iowa Systems: A lesson could be created on Iowa and the Underground Railroad. Standard SS-US.9-12.2 Iowans Influence US History: A lesson could be created on Iowa's destinations and attractions, as well as how these attractions bring in tourists from other states and countries.
Early & Late Date
2012 to 2022
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