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From Kiel to Kossuth

This book explains the story of Karl G. Ewoldt who is an immigrant from Germany who began a new life in Iowa (books.google.com). For any use other than instructional resources, please check with the organization that owns this item regarding copyright restrictions.
Publishing Place
Baltimore, MD
Iowa History Eras
Relational Notes
Resource is related to the following objects, which can be found by searching the catalog number in the advanced search section: Catalog #: 2018.036.001 Photograph 2018.037.006 Photograph 2018.040.001 Citizen Certificate 2018.040.002 Contract 2018.040.003 Passport 2018.040.004 Trunk 2018.040.011 Receipt 2018.040.012 Constitution 2018.040.013 Memoir 2018.040.016 Dictionary 2018.040.017 Sewing Kit
Iowa County
Early & Late Date
2001 to 2011
Resources & Additional Info
Resource and Additional Information This book can be linked with the following standards: Standard SS.3.27 Immigration and Migration: A lesson on Karl G. Ewoldt and his experience immigrating to Iowa could be created. Standard SS.3.28 Cultural Contributions: A lesson on German culture and its contribution to Iowa's society could be created.