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Lone Rock War Bride

This book explains the story of Iowa boy who goes to fight for the RAF and falls in love with Gene Given (books.google.com). For any use other than instructional resources, please check with the organization that owns this item regarding copyright restrictions.
Wasteland Press
Publishing Place
Shelbyville, Kentucky
U.S. Chronology
Iowa History Eras
Relational Notes
Resource is related to the following objects, which can be found by searching the catalog number in the advanced search section: Catalog #: 2018.009.043 Photograph 2018.009.044 Photograph 2018.009.045 Photograph 2018.009.046 Photograph 2018.009.047 Telegram 2018.009.048 Photograph 2018.009.049 Photograph 2018.009.050 Telegram 2018.009.051 Telegram
Iowa County
Early & Late Date
2007 to 2017
Resources & Additional Info
Resource and Additional Information: Click Here This book can be linked to the following standards: Standard SS.6.23 Compare Iowa to World: A lesson on life in Iowa compared to life in a British Military Camp could be created. Standard SS-WH.9-12.26 Iowans Influence World History: A lesson on the impact Iowan flyboys had in World War 2 could be created.