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A River of Unrivaled Advantages: Life Along the Lower Des Moines River

This book explains the history and importance of the Des Moines River. The book also discusses the geology of the river, as well as who lived in this area and how they used living by the Des Moines River to their advantage. This book could be used with the following standards: SS.1.23 Cultural Makeup: This book could help students understand the different cultures that settled in the Des Moines River Valley. SS.2.24 Natural Resources: This book could be used in a lesson about the Natural Resources within the Des Moines River, as well as how Native Americans and early settlers used these resources. SS.3.27 Immigration and Migration: This book could be used to create a lesson about the flow of European Settlers migrating to and settling near the Des Moines River. SS.K.14 Environment: This book could be used in a lesson about Iowa's environment or the environment around the Des Moines River Valley, as well as how people used the environmental resources to grow, build, and prosper. For any use other than instructional resources, please check with the organization that owns this item regarding copyright restrictions.
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2011 to 2021
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