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A Sesquicentennial History of Iowa State University: Tradition and Transformation

This book targets the history of Iowa State University in the last half of the 20th century. It starts in 1940, building on the early history down by Earle Ross, and goes to 2000. For any use other than instructional resources, please check with the organization that owns this item regarding copyright restrictions.
Iowa State University Press
Publishing Place
Ames, IA
Iowa History Eras
Iowa County
Early & Late Date
2002 to 2012
Resources & Additional Info
This book connects with the following standards: Standard SS.4.25 Technological Change: A lesson could be created on the technological changes that occurred at ISU since the 1940s, and how that changed the university. Standard SS-US.9-12.2 Iowans Influence US History and Standard SS-WH.9-12.26 Iowans Influence World History: A lesson could be created on how ISU has influence both America and the rest of the world.