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Tell a Tale of Iowa: 50 1 Stories of Iowa's Past

This book contains short stories that revolve around the history of the state. Stories include those about war heroes, early settlers, pioneers and Native American relations, local government(s), farm life, religion, and events unique to Iowa such as the Corn Palace. Resource can be used with the following standards to further develop lessons: 1st grade SS 1.23 Cultural Makeup 4th grade SS 4.26 Changes to Agriculture 8th grade SS 8.25 Iowa Government SS-US 9-12.23 Iowans Influence US History SS-WH 9-12.26 Iowans Influence World History
Wallace Homestead Co.
Publishing Place
Des Moines, Iowa
U.S. Chronology
Iowa History Eras
Relational Notes
Resource is related to the following objects, which can be found by searching the catalog number in the advanced search section: Catalog #: 2018.046.010 Corn Palace 2018.038.010 Sullivan Brothers' Letter
Early & Late Date
1960 to 1970