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Lesson Plans by Iowa Core Standard

Iowa Core logoLesson plans in the Teaching Iowa History project are designed with Iowa Core in mind.  Each lesson is drawn from the K-12 Iowa Social Studies Standards to ensure relevance to the learning goals for the State of Iowa.   Visit the Iowa Core website for more information about the standards.

Iowa Core Standard Description # of Plans
SS-Econ.9-12.24: Iowa Economy Impact Upon

Analyze how national and global economic issues and systems impact Iowa’s economy.

SS-Geo.9-12.24: Iowans Influence Iowa Environment

Identify and evaluate Iowans or groups of Iowans who have influenced Iowa’s environmental or cultural geography.

SS-Gov.9-12.27: Unique Iowa Systems

SS-Gov.9-12.27. Compare and contrast the institutions and systems of Iowa government and politics that are unique to the state including but not limited to Iowa’s unique role in presidential selection and in the special status of Meskwaki lands as non-reservation lands.

SS-Gov.9-12.28: Iowa Issues and Policy

Identify local and state issues in Iowa and evaluate formal or informal courses of action used to affect policy.

SS-US.9-12.23: Iowans Influence U.S. History

Evaluate Iowans or groups of Iowans who have influenced U.S. history.

SS-US.9-12.25: Regional, Racial, Ethnic and Gender Perspectives

Analyze how regional, racial, ethnic and gender perspectives influenced American history and culture

SS-WH.9-12.26: Iowans Influence World History

Assess Iowans or groups of Iowans who have influenced world history.

SS.2.24: Natural Resources

Describe the intended and unintended consequences of using Iowa’s natural resources.

SS.3.27: Immigration and Migration

Analyze the movement of different groups in and out of Iowa, including the removal and return of indigenous people.

SS.3.28: Cultural Contributions

Explain the cultural contributions that different groups have made on Iowa.

SS.4.25: Technological Change

Analyze the impact of technological changes in Iowa, across time and place.

SS.4.26: Changes to Agriculture

Explain how Iowa’s agriculture has changed over time.

SS.5.26: Civil Rights

Analyze Iowa’s role in civil rights history.

SS.6.23: Compare Iowa to the World

Compare Iowa’s geography, natural resources and climate to other regions of the world.

SS.8.25: Iowa Government

Examine the evolution of the function and structure of government in Iowa.

SS.K.14: Environment

Compare and contrast local environmental characteristics to that of other parts of the state of Iowa.