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Media's Message

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General Information
Grade 9th Grade Class US History Length of Lesson
Lesson Title Media's Message
Unit Title
Unit Compelling Question How do we see media in society today? How does it impact us, and those before us? How did it impact the population during WWII, and was it effective?
Historical Context:

This 1918 poster from the collection of the Iowa Masonic Library advertised Victory Liberty Loans.

Victory Liberty Loans were a type of war bond that was sold during World War I. Buying these loans was seen as a sign of patriotism. During the first Liberty Bond campaign of 1917, Iowan counties would receive a quota and residents were expected to pay the minimum amount. Due to little advertisement and interest, many counties did not reach their quota, resulting in a reputation of being unpatriotic. With the following campaigns, methods to pressure Iowans were enacted such as setting up "Loyalty Courts" in cities such as in Linn and Johnson County. Those who failed to contribute to the war effort were then required to appear in court. Along with increased advertisement such as posters, subsequent campaigns were successful.

~ Teaching Iowa History Team
Lesson Supporting Question
Lesson Overview

After watching the media video, we will discuss homework from the previous class which was reading a unit chapter on media and propaganda. Using a PowerPoint, we will evaluate several pieces of propaganda, which will aid students to successfully complete the homework project on their shared Google Doc. 

Primary Sources Used
Resources Needed
Lesson Target
  • Students will know how media influences audiences. They will look up important media pieces and make them relevant to our discussion. Students will know critical details and the characteristics that are important to target an audience.
Lesson Themes Media / Communication, World War I, World War II
Lesson Procedure
Step Procedure Time Differentiation plan / Additional Information
Formative Assessment
(How will you use the formative assessments to monitor and inform instruction?)
  • Students will demonstrate understanding and applying knowledge when selecting, analyzing, and researching a piece of media/propaganda from WWI or WWII. Students will complete homework assignments which includes posting a piece of media selected to the classroom google doc assignment. They will one by one discuss from their seats to the class what emotion they were trying to convey through their piece, and the hidden message to the audience. The criteria will be a assessed by the attached rubric on the side.
Summative Assessment
(How does the lesson connect to planned summative assessment(s)?)
  • Students will reflect and have confidence at looking and analyzing, comparing, research sources in history. Students will be able to use knowledge during exams in everyday life when viewing media in society.
Author Information
Author Darci Young Reviewer Chad Christopher, History Education, University of Northern Iowa Created 05/08/2019 Last Edited 08/22/2019
Lesson Plan Development Notes: Teaching Methods, University of Northern Iowa, Fall 2018

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