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Schools Long Ago

Lesson Plan Item

General Information
Grade Kindergarten Class N/A Length of Lesson
Lesson Title Schools Long Ago
Unit Title Children Long Ago
Unit Compelling Question How were children different long ago?
Historical Context:

Students will be learning about schools from the early 1900s. These schools were primarily one room schoolhouses. We will be talking about how if they had more than one room it was split up by grade, and how there was only 20-30 people in each grade. We will be looking at the physical differences in schools as well. Comparing schools from back then to today. 

~ Claire Bennett
Lesson Supporting Question How were schools different long ago?
Lesson Overview

We will start by talking about what a historical thinker thinks like and what kinds of questions they ask. Then we will do a gallery walk of pictures of schools from long ago. Then we will come back together and talk about what the students saw. Then, the students would work in pairs to brainstorm how we could make our classroom look similar to the classrooms in the pictures. 

Primary Sources Used
Resources Needed

Pictures of schools long ago

Lesson Target
  • - Student’s will think like historians and demonstrate this to me through verbal analysis.
Lesson Themes No themes are assigned for this lesson.
Lesson Procedure
Step Procedure Time Differentiation plan / Additional Information
Bell Ringer Gallery walk of pictures of schools from long ago, students will talk with a partner and ask questions like a historian would ask. I would go over questions that historians would ask beforehand.  3-5 Min I will be walking around and asking them questions to further their thinking. 
Teacher Coming back into a group and asking students what kinds of questions they asked to their partner and what could investigate further to figure out the answers to those questions.  7 Min  
Students Will get together with their history buddy and brainstorm what we would need to add or take away in our classroom to make it look and function like one in the pictures. They would then draw a picture of what our classroom would look like if it were one of the older classrooms.  10 Min

If students would like to make something else besides a picture of what it might have been like in a classroom. They can run their ideas by me and I will assess if that is appropriate for the activity. 

Closure The students will share out their pictures and tell the details of the classroom. They will tell what they took out and why. They will also share what they added and why.  10 Min Students who do not feel comfortable sharing in front of the class can share their drawings with me privately. 
Formative Assessment
(How will you use the formative assessments to monitor and inform instruction?)
  • I will be overserving the conversations that they are having when looking at pictures of the old schools. I will be taking anecdotal notes to see how well they understand the concept.
Summative Assessment
(How does the lesson connect to planned summative assessment(s)?)
  • The drawing will be the summative assessment this will show that they know what some of the differences are between life then and life now. I will also be taking notes when they are sharing their pictures to check understanding.
Author Information
Author Claire Bennett Reviewer Dr. Chad Timm, Simpson College Created 05/21/2020 Last Edited 05/21/2020
Lesson Plan Development Notes: Social Studies Methods, Simpson College, Spring 2020

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