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2018.021.037 [Church]

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The United Presbyterian Church of Tingley, Iowa was constructed in 1888 and dedicated in 1889. The church held its last services on December 27, 2009, although the building still stands today. This photograph of the church was taken around 1908. Content can be used with the following standards: 3rd grade SS 3.28 Cultural Contributions in a lesson on town expansion in the early 1900s. For any use other than instructional resources, please check with the organization that owns this item regarding copyright restrictions.

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The United Presbyterian Church of Tingley was opened on July 12, 1883 under Reverend J.C. White, who had previously served as pastor of the Eugene congregation. Many members came from Eugene to attend the new church and by 1890, the congregation consisted of 160 members now under Reverend J.P. Gibson. By 1896, the congregation held 251 members. In 1952, a portion of the church roof fell above a Sabbath class, but with no injuries. While the church was being re-constructed, the congregation attended the church of Shannon City.