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Iowa state capitol in Des Moines, Iowa by photographer Arthur Rothstein. Content can be used with the following standards: 8th grade SS-Gov. 8.25 Iowa Government in a lesson on Iowa's state capitol and government system. For any use other than instructional resources, please check with the organization that owns this item regarding copyright restrictions.

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In 1870, the plan for the construction of the new capitol in Des Moines was authorized under the Board of Commissioners created through an Iowa Legislature Act. The goal of the Board was to keep the project under the cost of $1.5 million. A final construction plan was chosen from architectures John Cochran and Alfred Piquenard, who had recently completed the building of the Ilnois Capitol Building. Construction began in 1871 with the help of Cochran's assistants, Mifflin Bell and William Hackney. After Cochran left the firm, Bell for Washington D.C. and Piquenard's death in 1876, the project continued solely under Hackney. The Capitol was completed in 1886 with a total cost of $2,873,294.59 - much higher than the intended cost. The cornerstone of the building reads "Iowa A.D. 1873" and is made notable with it's short, large dome (made of steel and stone, and covered in 23 karat gold) rather than the more common tall domes of the time. In 1902, the third Capitol Commission was appointed to finish the interior of the building including wiring electricity into the building and replacing the slate roof with a copper roof. In 1904, while putting electric lights in, a fire erupted after a worker left a candle burning. The fire resulted in water damage from fire hoses to the lower floors of the structure.
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