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Aficionado (over $2,500)

Wells Fargo Bank

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Jester Insurance

Shirley Bond Huffman

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Jodi Evans

Shelby County Historical Society

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Ashley Mattson

John Vander Haag

Billie Bailey

Judith Harrington

Bob Fitch

Julie Huffman-klinkowitz

Brenda DeVore

Karen J. Taylor

Cambridge Historical Association

Karen Smith

Casie Vance

Kate Feil

Connie Olhausen

Leo and Nancy Landis

Cristin Waterbury

Lewelling Quaker Museum

Cyndi Sweet

Lori DeMoss

Dover Historical Society

Megan Stout Sibbel

Dysart Historical Society

Melanie Alexander

Elizabeth Andrews

Nicky Bauerkemper

Garnavillo Historical Society

Prairie City Historical Society

Gilbert Community Historical Society

Rod Sykora

Heartland Museum Foundation

Sandi Yoder

Heidi Lung

Springville Area Historical Society

Jennifer Kovarik

Valerie Shaw

Looking for the Lesson Plans?

The lesson plans for this site will be created during Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, using primary sources held in public collections.
     -- Fall Semester 2018:  University of Northern Iowa teaching methods classes will begin generating the lesson plans for grades 7-12.
     -- Spring semester 2019:  Simpson College classes will begin generating the lesson plans for grades K-6.  
Please visit again at the end of 2018 to see our first lesson plans!